What Does Plus Handicap Mean

Handicap betting is a popular form of wagering in sports betting, and one of the most common types of handicap betting is the plus handicap. Plus handicap, also known as positive handicap or underdog handicap, is a type of handicap that gives the underdog team or player a virtual head start in the game. This means that the underdog is given a certain number of points or goals before the game begins, which is added to their final score at the end of the game. In this article, we will delve deeper into what plus handicap means and provide 8 interesting facts about this type of betting.

1. What Does Plus Handicap Mean?

In sports betting, plus handicap refers to the situation where the underdog team or player is given a head start in the game by adding a certain number of points or goals to their final score. This is done to level the playing field between the two teams or players and make the betting odds more even.

2. How Does Plus Handicap Work?

For example, in a football match between Team A and Team B, if Team A is the underdog and has a plus handicap of +1.5 goals, this means that Team A will start the game with a virtual lead of 1.5 goals. If Team B wins the game by one goal, the final score after adding the handicap will be a draw (Team A 1.5 – Team B 1), and those who bet on Team A will win their bets.

3. Why Use Plus Handicap?

Plus handicap is used in sports betting to provide better odds for the underdog team or player and to make the game more exciting for bettors. It gives bettors the opportunity to bet on the underdog team and still have a chance to win, even if the underdog team loses the game.

4. What Sports Can Plus Handicap Be Applied To?

Plus handicap can be applied to a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, tennis, rugby, and many others. It is particularly popular in team sports where there is a clear favorite and underdog.

5. What Are the Different Types of Plus Handicap?

There are different types of plus handicap, including Asian handicap, European handicap, and American handicap. Each type of handicap has its own rules and variations, but they all serve the same purpose of giving the underdog team or player a virtual head start in the game.

6. How Is Plus Handicap Calculated?

Plus handicap is calculated by adding a certain number of points or goals to the underdog team or player’s final score at the end of the game. The specific number of points or goals added as a handicap is determined by the bookmaker based on the perceived strength of the two teams or players.

7. What Are the Pros and Cons of Plus Handicap Betting?

One of the pros of plus handicap betting is that it offers better odds for the underdog team or player, giving bettors the opportunity to win big if the underdog performs well. However, one of the cons is that it can be more challenging to predict the outcome of the game when there is a handicap involved.

8. How Can I Use Plus Handicap to Improve My Betting Strategy?

To improve your betting strategy using plus handicap, it is important to research the teams or players involved in the game, analyze their recent performances, and consider the impact of the handicap on the final outcome. Additionally, it is essential to set a budget for your bets and stick to it to avoid excessive losses.

Now that we have covered the basics of what plus handicap means, let’s move on to some common questions that bettors may have about this type of betting:

1. Can I Place a Plus Handicap Bet on Any Sportsbook?

Yes, most sportsbooks offer plus handicap betting options for a wide range of sports.

2. How Is the Plus Handicap Displayed on a Betting Site?

The plus handicap is usually displayed as a positive number next to the underdog team or player’s name on a betting site.

3. What Happens If the Game Ends in a Draw After Adding the Handicap?

If the game ends in a draw after adding the handicap, the bet is usually refunded to the bettor.

4. How Do I Know Which Team or Player Has the Plus Handicap?

The team or player with the plus handicap will be indicated by a plus sign next to their name on the betting site.

5. Can I Place a Parlay Bet with Plus Handicap?

Yes, you can include plus handicap bets in a parlay bet to increase your potential winnings.

6. What Is the Difference Between Plus Handicap and Minus Handicap?

Plus handicap gives the underdog team or player a head start, while minus handicap gives the favorite team or player a handicap.

7. Can I Cash Out My Plus Handicap Bet Before the Game Ends?

Some sportsbooks offer cash-out options for plus handicap bets, allowing you to cash out your bet before the game ends.

8. How Is Plus Handicap Used in Live Betting?

Plus handicap can be used in live betting to adjust the odds during the game based on the current score and performance of the teams or players.

9. Are There Any Strategies for Betting on Plus Handicap?

Some common strategies for betting on plus handicap include analyzing the teams or players, considering the impact of the handicap, and setting a budget for your bets.

10. What Happens If the Underdog Team or Player Wins the Game Outright?

If the underdog team or player wins the game outright, those who bet on the underdog will win their bets, including the handicap.

11. Can I Combine Plus Handicap with Other Types of Bets?

Yes, you can combine plus handicap bets with other types of bets, such as over/under bets or moneyline bets, to create a custom bet slip.

12. Is Plus Handicap Available for Individual Players in Team Sports?

Yes, plus handicap can be applied to individual players in team sports, giving them a head start in terms of points or goals.

13. How Is the Final Outcome of a Plus Handicap Bet Determined?

The final outcome of a plus handicap bet is determined by adding the handicap to the underdog team or player’s final score at the end of the game.

14. What Is the Maximum Plus Handicap Allowed in a Game?

The maximum plus handicap allowed in a game is determined by the sportsbook and may vary depending on the sport and the teams or players involved.

15. Can I Change My Plus Handicap Bet After Placing It?

Once a plus handicap bet is placed, it cannot be changed, so it is important to carefully consider your bet before confirming it.

16. What Should I Do If I Am Unsure About Placing a Plus Handicap Bet?

If you are unsure about placing a plus handicap bet, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional sports bettor or do more research on the teams or players involved in the game.

In conclusion, plus handicap betting is a popular form of wagering that gives the underdog team or player a virtual head start in the game. It offers better odds for bettors who believe in the underdog’s potential to perform well and provides an exciting betting experience. By understanding how plus handicap works, researching the teams or players involved, and setting a budget for your bets, you can improve your betting strategy and increase your chances of winning. So next time you place a bet on a sporting event, consider using plus handicap to spice up your betting experience and potentially win big.

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